Monday 17 April 2017

Final Mission Moments and Home

Monday. Final P Day - with the senior couple Elder and Sister Willmott (from UK) and 4 missionaries, to a favourite spot, Sounio and the temple of Poseidon

Wednesday. International gathering at Nancy's Treats, a chocoholic paradise! 
Left to right Michaela with Rosalee (Siera Leone) Mary (Ghana) Heidy (Philippines) Georgia (Cameroon) Us (UK) Chandra (Indonesia) Athanasia (Greece) and Christian, taking the pic, from Ivory Coast

and Final hair cut at the in the hands of a Hairologist

Thursday.   Final farewell meal, The Allen's and Willmott's
 Then HOME! Released and to an amazing family gathering... photo indoors owing to persistent rain!
So what next.... this picture taken by our mission mom rather suggests new adventures just around the corner!

Sunday 9 April 2017

No goodbyes!

But to say goodbye to these and many others, is just not possible... 'till we meet again!

Seminary and Institute Graduation

Sunday 9th. Seminary and Institute graduation, what joy!


Saturday 8th, I baptize Nathaniel! And Loukia, our youngest seminary student was baptized too!

Self Reliance Conclusion

Thursday 6th. Elder and Sister Rueckert, Europe Self Reliance Managers, with us for our last completing members.

Plus a certificate for facilitator extraordinaire, Sister Petchey

Final Youth Night

Wednesday 5th, evening, final seminary lesson, youth activity and party put on by Chandra/

Mars Hill Departures and Arrivals

Wednesday 5th April, testimony meeting for departing and arriving missionaries, Mars Hill, Athens